Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tool #9

I downloaded Jing and soon after got a virus. Just saying. It is good way to show someone where a restaurant is, etc.

I am a bigger fan of Skype. I think Skype would be a great way to to communicate with classes around the world. I would love to have a pen pal class. My teammate, Jenny, and I could have the same class and that way we could link LA with math and science.

Oh, you could Skype different science experiments,the "challenge" math problem of day
Here are some more ideas I found:
Share field trips with others. If your class goes out for a field trip, see about connecting with parents or other classes to share your classes’ experience.
Skype allows students to see first hand what people’s homes, schools, clothing, weather, and more looks like. If a festival takes place, Skype can bring it to your classroom too.
Form friendships that can easily bridge distance gaps with Skype.
Have guest lecturers come to your classroom via Skype.
Who says Skype has to be fun just for the kids? With Skype, teachers can collaborate on ideas, projects, and more.

Here is a website you can go to to make Skype classroom friends:

This is the site where I found all of these ideas:

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