Monday, June 21, 2010

Tool #6

Today I created a Wiki for my classroom. While at first I was pulling my hair out, I'm glad now that I set it up. I am anticipating that it will be easier from now on.
The Wiki page can be used to post current assignments, tests and the newsletter. I can also link the parents to more resources they can use at home with their children.

Tool #5

I had a little trouble understanding all of the information at first, but I basically see the purpose of the sites. I added two new links under my link list. I typed in elementary math for my tags. The students can use these sites for research papers. I can have two students set up a page with the bookmarks. That way the other students have something to work from.

Tool #4

We can use Google Docs to share our documents-especially the newsletter. No longer do we have to email it back and forth to each other. It's a great way to connect with my team quickly and to avoid all the paper piles.
The Google reader is a good way to keep up with the blogs I am following. Once school starts, we can put blogs on there for the kids and that way they can quickly see new updates.

Tool #3

The images on the blog can be used to show various science experiments done in the science lab, images of the students, and really anything the students would like to blog. Wordle can be used to display our vocabulary words, the students' names, and the different concepts we are learnng for that week. It is a good way to reinforce what we are learning. I know the kids will also like using ImageChef. We can come up with a fun saying for the science taks to help keep them motivated. :) Bookr would be great to use for review. Different images could be put in and for each image, the students would describe how it relates to what we are learning. For example, we could create a book of the different moon phases. The students would then work together to create descriptions of each phase on chart paper. Then we would post the descriptions and take a gallery walk to compare. I'm getting excited!!